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"An emerging artist worth watching... While Helen Lawson’s voice first brings to mind Beth Orton and Liz Fraser, at times she seems to channel Tracey Thorn, and even Annie Lennox into something wonderful and unique. Not prone to excessive volume, she is a singer who demands a little attention of her listeners, as do her understated songs. She rewards us with something pretty special." ****

"Helen Lawson is a closely-guarded secret for fans of Folk Pop - for now... Passionate folktronica with lo-fi charm. Norah Jones' musical heir apparent."

"Creating gently persuasive folk music that soothes the soul, Helen Lawson is a London based singer/songwriter with a natural gift for the beatific. New EP, CROSSING THE BRIDGE is a genuine thing of beauty, a quartet of songs with the spectral wonder of Nico and the folk prettiness of Vashti Bunyan. Gently intoxicating, magical, hypnotic... A beautiful, mesmerising EP from Helen Lawson, CROSSING THE BRIDGE introduces this new female singer/songwriter as a talent to cherish and adore."

"A fantastic, easygoing sound - Lawson really stands out. This is a real gem and someone to keep an eye on."

“Helen Lawson is a London singer-songwriter with an absolutely beautiful voice that feels like it belongs to some bygone decade… romantic, contemplative, it feels like being enfolded in a cool bath.”

"Each track is beautifully crafted and compliments a voice which at times is hypnotic, and on occasions both haunting and angelic. This is as good an EP as you will ever hear and will surely propel the London based singer-songwriter to the musical heights her talents deserve."

"A light and delicate album full of great hooks and well written lyrics - a great debut EP from a singer/songwriter with an excellent future."

"Fresh and inventive with some human insights that are deceptively brilliant".

"It’s quite rare that I find a voice as captivating as Helen’s and I immediately loved it... The new EP has a kind of folky Cocteau Twin/Isobel Campbell vibe augmented with some sweet acoustic guitar, strong melodies and Helen’s shimmering voice. My personal favourite from the EP is “Silver Purse” - a song I can only describe as having an aural massage - so soothing! I could go on and on about how much I like the new EP, but I’m going to leave it to you dear reader, to go and discover for yourself Helen Lawson’s music by either visiting the links or heading over to iTunes where you can purchase the new EP “Crossing The Bridge”."

"Anti Atlas cut eight, largely ethereal backing tracks and posted them off to singers all over the globe with instructions to make of them what they will. What come back is rather pleasing. Gemma Hayes doing 'It's A Shame', Helen Lawson with 'Broken Doll', Asobi Seksu's Yuki Chikudate on 'Spring Lullaby' and Norwegian vocalist Kristin Fjellseth delivering 'On The Bottom Of The Sea' in her own language. Gentle, steadily swelling modern orchestral music."

"'Between Voices' is superb: a lovely, meandering, wide-eyed work of wonder in which singers from every corner of the planet endow electronica with grandiosity."

"Pop CD of the Week: A fuzzy, luscious, ambient haze - an album that will calm you down and lift your spirits."

"Had a tough day at the office? Then kick off your shoes, pour a glass of wine and stick 'Between Voices' on your stereo. It's a collaboration between vocalists from eight different countries, produced by Radiohead's manager Chris Hufford and classically trained composer Ned Bigham. The result is an album so laidback, it's the musical equivalent of a full-body massage."

"'Broken Doll' featuring Helen Lawson is the kind of track you'd get if you crossed Bjork with Mum. The track is beautifully haunting with Lawson's delicate vocals allowing the music to be the focus."