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Gosh, it's been a while eh?

Gigs are going swimmingly. I'm told I have a habit of starting to sway from side to side the second I hit the chorus, which apparently gives me the effect of being either a) a weeble or b) a little bit 'special'. Well, I always loved a weeble. Not as much as a slinky, mind.

EP-making continues apace. In fact, I'm one song away from completion and have decided that I'll put a couple of songs here once they're all done, and then the whole thing will be on iTunes for Actual Purchasing. There'll also be some lovely CDs available to order. Woohoo. We'll get there soon-ish, hopefully only a few months behind my original target!

No, wait, my original target was about a hundred years ago. Ah well. I always admire people who just pop into a studio for an afternoon and whack out an EP. Speed-tastic, and very impressive. I'm from more of your 'muse-over-each-tiny-detail' school of record-making...

Anyhow, if anyone's interested in what I do with myself while trying to get my own music together, pop over to Yoav's myspace -

He's one of the artists I do videos for - his tour footage and the 'making ofs' on his page are some of the work I've done for him... Plus he's ace.

I've got all sorts of grand plans to make a bit of a video for 'Something in the Wine' soon, so I'll keep you posted on that...

Cheerio for now Hxx