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The last few weeks have seen me mixing my EP with Eldad Guetta - it's really really nearly there, which is rather exciting. Soon it will be available for actual hearing. Crikey.

In the meantime, having been asked to take part in a feature on independent musicians for German magazine Stern, I've been busily trying to finish a video for Something in the Wine... Today this has involved heaving around lots of large heavy boxes and suitcases in order to build my set. My back hurts. My next video will be themed around feathers, ping pong balls, and newborn hamsters. Anything else weighing less than a few pounds will also be considered for inclusion. Alternatively I might in future enlist the help of a few burly strong people.

But this time, it was heavy things, and just the one pair of weedy arms... Of course, once I'd put it all together, I got to sit on the boxes and sing my song for About Eight Hours. From About 40 Different Angles. And then I realised the light had changed while I'd been at it, so I did all the early stuff again...

But now tis done, and I will be editing it this week...

Stay posted! Signing off before I drop off... Hxx