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The EP has launched! The gig at the 12 Bar Club was excellent fun.

The very talented Maddalena Branduardi accompanied me on cello on 3 songs - 'Something in the Wine', 'Crossing The Bridge' and 'The Future Is Coming'. And since we were filming the whole night, I was planning to put The Future Is Coming up here for its internet debut. Sadly, though, half of the time the camera-sound had cut out. Next time, Gadget, next time...

There's a clip below, from the time when the camera mic was behaving itself - the end of 'Slipping'. The rest of the footage unfortunately sounds like it was filmed atop a wind-ravaged mountain. Christian of UK States did a splendid job of putting the night together - thankyou again Christian!

And ta to everyone who came - hope to see you again next time.

Thankyou very much also to Wears the Trousers Magazine for this lovely review.

Cheerio for now Hxx