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Crikey, it's been a bonkers one today! First off, my EPs arrived from the manufacturer! Hurray, ace and phew.

They sound lovely, look lovely, and I am dead chuffed, as evidenced in the below picture. Thankyou so much to everyone who's been involved and to everyone who's encouraged me to take the bull by the horns and finish it off (the CD, not the bull - I am not a matador.) I am looking forward to being able to say 'yes', when people at gigs ask me if there's a CD to buy.

In other news this week, I am the Gewinner! Yes, all your votes counted and helped me to become Gewinner of the Week in the German website vote. And if my score remains the highest by the end of the year I'll get that feature in the magazine, so fingers crossed. Thankyou to everyone who gave me 6 red dots!

And finally, I am the Plumber! Yes, it's not all glamour you know. As though deliberately timed to burst my EP / Gewinner-related bubble, the loo decided to break today, 5 minutes after the 'DIY-oriented person' of the household left on a plane for Canada. Seeing nothing else for it, I rolled up my sleeves and plunged in, and 20 minutes later the deluge was halted. I am a bit soggy, and I'm not sure that the screwdriver can really stay wedged in there forever, but I still feel quite accomplished.

Which surely warrants a reprise of Helen's Handy Hints: Never get stuck in with the screwdriver before you have stemmed the waterflow and can see what you're doing. You might stab yourself in the hand...

Cheerio for now Hxx