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I'm just back from a week in the studio, working on a couple of tracks for my EP with Ian Davenport. I lived in the flat above the studio, working till daft o'clock in the morning and then staggering upstairs to pass out (making a nice change from the trek across London after gigs...)

We might have been able to finish up earlier had I not insisted on 'fun with percussion'. You'd be amazed the noises you can get out of a grandfather clock and a roll of gaffer tape. We worked on a slightly different version of Silver Purse, which I'm rather pleased with, especially as my new melodica got to make its first appearance.

The track is soft, strong, and very very long (might need an edit...) It otherwise bears no resemblance to Britains favourite loo-paper.

The other track we worked on was a new one - one you'll only know if you've seen me play live - 'Crossing the Bridge'. With any luck it'll be making its Myspace debut soon.

In one of my spare moments I went for a walk in the countryside, and made myself useful by rescuing a dopy rabbit from a speeding truck. Hurray. I don't think the rabbit will remember me though.

Anyway, on to the next thing, which is Wednesday's gig at the Hope and Anchor. In classic Helen style I have picked up an injury at the crucial moment, and will be playing the gig with a sprained left hand. I can't decide whether that's better or worse than a sprained right hand. Still, I reckon I can change a few chords and pull through like a good'un. That'll teach me to play basketball a few days before a gig...

If it wasn't one thing it was going to be another this weekend. Having sunk up to my knees in hungry mud while picking blackberries, I took it upon myself to risk life and limb to rescue a frisbee from high up in a tree. I'd just been telling friends about the oak tree up which I used to spend most of my time, so it would have been rude not to.

Anyhow, I live to fight another day.

Fingers (painfully) crossed for Wednesday. Hxx