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I am flying again soon. Been in the UK for a few weeks, went to the studio straight from the airport, where Band Of Skulls were finishing off mixes for their album which comes out in a mere week or so. A tremendous album it is too, go and have a good listen to them when you get the chance...

I was making a film for them, so had to go and be the annoying person with a video camera for a little while. Turned out nice though, and it will probably be up on a website somewhere before long. Since then I have managed to lock myself in a room for the second time this year (broken doorhandle), but escaped being in there for 12 hours by using a cunningly bent coathanger. Thank heavens for opposable thumbs.

Back in LA next week and I'll be doing lots of work for Yoav, plus getting a few new songs together and gradually inching towards the album... Ta very much to everyone who's bought the EP so far - it's much appreciated, and to those who haven't, get yerselves a copy at the store page, or go straight to CDbaby or iTunes. Just a small plug...

Anyway, can't wait to get back into my little LA studio complete with inflatable mattress soundproofing - I'll keep you posted as to what I come up with! Before then I have to get back on a plane. I'm not so keen on planes.

Last time I flew out there was an emergency announcement and half the oxygen masks dropped from the ceiling. It was just a system error, but it was a wee bit alarming. My head nearly exploded with the adrenalin. Which was relaxing. Fingers crossed it's a bit more chilled this time around...

Cheerio for now