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Lordy, has it been so long? Verily I neglect my blogging.

The exciting news for today is that I have a track coming out on a soon-to-be-released album by producer duo AntiAtlas, on the One Little Indian label. The album is called 'Between Voices', and features different songwriters / vocalists on each track. The lovely Gemma Hayes also appears on the album, amongst others, and it's sounding beautiful. My track is called 'Broken Doll'.

I believe the album's out in August '07, but I'll post a definite release date as soon as I know it...

In other news, I'm working towards an EP release, getting some lovely strings involved, some cello and viola and other similarly mellow noises...

Handy hint of the day: Large glasses of wine in bars contain More Wine than small ones. Easily forgotten.