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I am now reliably informed that the AntiAtlas album Between Voices is out on the 30th July. Set your diary reminders now.

If you'd like a sneak preview - go and see My track is the one called 'Broken Doll'.

In other news, I'm just back from Montreal, which I can confirm is a very lovely place. They have their stairs on the outside of their houses, just for a giggle. And the mice there are very shiny and partial to chocolate.

Handy Hint of the day: If you are ever served a sizzling hot teriyaki dish, and the person serving it to you sees fit to hold it in front of your face, you must duck. Hot Teriyaki sauce spits, and having a thousand tiny burns on your face is not a good look. Also, be warned, such a person is also apt to tip icecold saki down your back later in the evening.