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Long time no blog. Have been getting on with recording and writing new stuff. I wrote a new song last week called The Family Jewels, which is a stomper featuring a wayward farmer's boy, a dancer, a sickly mother, a stolen guitar, a necromancer and a ghastly accident with a pair of shears. It's a bit of a departure. In a good way, one hopes...

Anyway, this week's been a busy one as I'm going into the studio with producer Sunny Levine next week to work on a few songs. I can't wait for that, hopefully we'll get some good stuff happening in there.

Anyway, some news on an old favourite - this made my day a few days ago. Jolyon Gray, an old chum from the acoustic circuit in London, who has long since moved back to Oz, sent it to me.

It's a painting he did named 'Silver Purse', inspired by my song of the same name. It's been making me smile daily ever since.

I'll let you know how things go in the studio. Hx