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I hope all's well and that December is turning out merry.

Today I found out that 'This Town' (the same kitchen demo that ended up on KCRW about 5 minutes after I recorded it) was played by Tom Robinson on BBC 6 Music at the weekend! Sorry to not have warned anyone in advance so that you could huddle around your radios for it... The 'Listen Again' feature appears not to work this week, but gladly the song also made it onto the weekly 6 Music Introducing podcast, so if you'd like to hear me introduced, you can find it at the iTunes store (free download) or go here: and follow 'How to Download' on the righthand side. It'll only be there this week I think, until the next podcast... He plays 'This Town' 36 minutes in, and then says that a man called Dave Allen recommended it after seeing one of my gigs. Mr Allen, if you are out there, thankyou very much indeed.

So anyway, that was nice. I also found out that he was playing 'Slipping' back in August, and I never knew, which was both mysterious and pleasing. In Other News, I'm back in the UK doing various bits of recording until January, when my edit moonlighting (moonlit editing?) takes me back off to LA. I'll be staying in a flat with a bigger kitchen than my old one, so more recording will get done and with any luck the album will be done before too long.

In the meantime, it's nearly Christmas and I'm feeling festive, so I offer you this top tip - a perfect stocking filler for your loved ones: Helen Lawson - Crossing the Bridge EP is available in the store and iTunes and CDbaby.

These people say it's quite good.

The other day I took a train to a studio in the countryside, and had been told I'd be picked up 'at the back end of the station'. I got to the station and couldn't work out which end was which. So I made my way to one end and said to the man on the turnstiles 'Excuse me, is this what you'd describe as the back end?' To which he replied, 'Of the universe, yes.' Made me laugh.

Anyway, if I don't see you between now and then, have a lovely time over the holidays and a figgy pudding on me.

love Hxxx