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Just called it a night for tonight. It's a misty old night in Venice CA. Seemed to really come together today - Amya came back and did some more great violin, we spent the afternoon doing a little mixing and then Stuart Levine came by tonight and recorded clarinet parts. All sounding beautiful.

I'd only heard the parts in midi as I'd written them, so it's very exciting when they come alive on proper real life instruments! I particularly enjoy waving my arms and eyebrows about to communicate parts to the players. I should have been an air traffic controller. Stuart said the clarinet part was quite Debussy, which was intriguing...

One more day to go on this session. Mainly tweaks tomorrow. Tired now. This week I have mostly been eating soup.


ps This is the possum that got made his home at the studio - he had to go, so we've sent him to a nice new life in the woods. Cheerio possum.